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Zitation Stereoplay:
“An exceptionally harmonious, fine and sensual loudspeaker, with one of the most confident sound images at home in the highest class. Very big sound cinema.”

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Zitation Fidelity Magazine:
“Tons heavy basses and luminous 3-D sounds pop and plug, make the “Red Room” swing, the auditorium to cop along. The sound is simply overwhelming, a fast-paced mix of high-end sound and rave event: despite crazy volume by no means intrusive, rather powerful and large and radiant. An invitation to sound diving.”

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Audiograde AG

Audiograde develops outstanding and innovative hi-fi speakers. Our enclosures are characterized by an unrivalled stability and therefore have no effect on the sound. They are casted from extremely heavy and solid polygrade – material in one piece under vacuum, including all internal struts and openings. Unique monoliths around the world.

They are virtually vibration and resonance-free and far superior to industry-standard MDF plates. Also with regard to sound permeability. The measurement result is an extremely low distortion factor, even comparable with commercially available amplifiers. The analytical precision of these speakers finally makes the finest nuances of the music scene audible.

We have also led the way in terms of sound management of intermediaries and tweeters. The radiation of both components has been adjusted via a double waveguide. This results in a sound experience that can almost be compared to a headphone with its defined spaciousness. The typical sweet spot is significantly widened, especially in acoustically difficult rooms.

When planning, developing, manufacturing and measurement technology, we invariably use software and hardware that meets the highest professional standards. In the production process, some self-developed CNC machines are used, which made the concept “cast in one piece” possible in the first place. Complemented by a DATRON high-speed milling machine that delivers large-format workpieces with an excellent surface quality. [*]

Our loudspeakers should not only shine in terms of sound technology, but also be aesthetic works of art. In the external appearance and in the quality of the contact. A sensual pleasure for ears, eyes and hands.

With this in mind, Audiograde with the naming from the words audio and upgrade promise our customers the certainty of being able to participate permanently in further developments. All components should always be able to be retrofitted or replaced.

If you are looking for an authentic and high-resolution high-end speaker with maximum detail, we invite you to our screening room with a living room atmosphere.

* (We are thus also in a position to realize development requests from other manufacturers. On request, absolutely discreet.)

Press & Media

FIDELITY, 05/2015

“High-end meets PA? Shockingly good!” 05/2014

“Extreme tonal purity coupled to peak resolving powers and accurate soundstaging create a sonic spectacle of rare transparency and intelligibility.”

Hifi Einsnull 04/2013

“The ARDORA ACTIVE contributes even more to the sensational quality of the ARDORA PASSIVE …”

Here comes the Sun

“The Ardora delivers what it promises – an exceptionally harmonious, fine and sensual loudspeaker …”

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