AUDIOGRADE at the Norddeutsche Hifi-Tage Show 2013

  • Foyer with AUDIOGRADE, AVM and the LP

    Full house in the foyer of the Holiday Inn Hamburg with presentations by AUDIOGRADE, AVM and LP Magazin.
    Photo: Holger Barske

  • Not to be overlooked

    Reverent listening to fascinating sounds of a noble chain of AVM electronics and the ARDORA passively in a Lamborghini orange look

  • STEREO workshop with Matthias Böde

  • Plenty of visitors …

    … not only to the popular workshops of STEREO magazine, but at any time on both days of the more than well-attended fair.

  • Christoph Zingel with his ARDORA

    Christoph Zingel from the ‘Studio for Active Listening Pleasure’ from Essen spared no effort and had travelled to Hamburg to inspect his new shop copy – an ARDORA Active, which caused quite a stir before its imminent delivery as an exclusive exhibit. .

  • Dreamteam


  • Wolfram Szentiks

    In addition to the many guests, there is every reason for relaxed listening, but also AUDIOGRADE’s chief developer Wolfram Szentiks, who has been showered with recognition.
    Photo: Ingo Schulz, Fidelity Magazine

February 2013, Holiday Inn, Hamburg

February 2013 – The German FIDELITY Magazine described the Norddeutsche Hifi-Tage 2013 as “a brilliant start to the season” – an impression that largely corresponds to the AUDIOGRADE team and the many trade show guests. Considered by many to be an insider’s tip, AUDIOGRADE consistently standed out at the impressive hotel trade show: Set up in a room on the ground floor, AUDIOGRADE founder Wolfram Szentiks and his team received a multitude of curious guests on both days of the show – many of whom couldn’t bring themselves to leave after an extensive test listening, using the opportunity to ask the developers detailed questions about the unique cabinet- and sound concept of the ARDORA.

While the ARDORA Actives gleamed elegantly in a classy matt white finish in the entrance, the ARDORA Passive could be marveled at with eyes and ears inside the listening room in a Lamborghini orange metallic finish. This proved to leave a lasting impression on the many expert listeners and the trade press visiting the AUDIOGRADE booth, earning additional praise as ‘the sound of the show’ and an ‘absolute world-class standard’: ‘When you hear it, you understand what is possible at the pinnacle of the high-end audio spectrum,’ reports one experienced listener. Ingo Schultz from FIDELITY Magazine couldn’t agree more: ‘As awarding points goes, AUDIOGRADE gets the maximum score possible from me”.

Special thanks belong to the entire team at Hifi Studio Bramfeld for the realization of an all-around successful trade show that without a doubt belongs to one of the most important in the German-speaking territories. We’d also like to send a heartfelt thanks to Matthias Böde from STEREO magazine who, with his informative and entertaining workshop on bi-amping, trained the AUDIOGRADE team in setting up different power amp combinations in record time. Last but not least, we’d like to thank Udo Besser from AVM and his electronic components, who, together with the ARDORA Passive, brought excellent sound to the much-visited listening room.