AUDIOGRADE on course for growth – take a share!

“Time-limited AUDIOGRADE crowdfunding campaign 2014 – Invest in the future of loudspeaker construction”

7. November 2014 – AUDIOGRADE is once again opening a new chapter in its company history and offering you a unique opportunity to participate in it in a direct way with an attractive crowdfunding campaign for a limited period of time!

Since its inception, AUDIOGRADE, as an up-and-coming exceptional manufacturer, has not only set new standards in terms of sound fidelity and design, but with its high-end loudspeakers it is already at the top of the list “in all segments of the boxing elite” (Audiophile Magazin). But that’s not all: AUDIOGRADE has big plans and is in the final development phase of a new loudspeaker model that will soon amaze not only hi-fi and high-end experts.

However, new products and markets increasingly require capital. In addition to handmade products and the highest quality standards, a solid capital base is also an indispensable prerequisite for the market launch of a new product. The legal form of the joint-stock company offers an uncomplicated way to raise capital. This is an advantage that AUDIOGRADE AG takes advantage of and offers you the purchase of shares from a capital increase for a limited period of time for free purchase.

Of the approved 50,000 shares issued to grow the company, 30,000 shares have been acquired by the founding shareholders (including 21,000 pcs from the board itself). The remaining 20,000 pieces are now available for free sale on the crowdfunding platform in lot sizes of 5 or more. Startkapital-Online is the only German platform that enables the acquisition of shares that, unlike usual crowdfunding campaigns, are genuine shares with voting rights and dividends. In addition, as an investor, you acquire the right to purchase AUDIOGRADE products at an extremely attractive shareholder special price when purchasing more than 200 shares. A successful investment thus results already in the course of the subscription.

We are ready for the next big step and would be pleased to welcome you to our shareholder group shortly!

End of drawing: February 8, 2015, 6 p.m.