Set up & take off!

The finest materials, overwhelming sound, perfect readings and a price that catches the eye. The chic housing consists of an elaborately designed construction. Cast in a piece of polygrade™ polymer concrete. The sound wall has an elegant curvature. Like the back panel made of solid CNC-milled aluminum. Inside, the enormous bass magnet was screwed to the housing body. For optimal stability. The midrange driver is characterized by a special sophistication. It is mounted on a stable aluminium tube, which is encapsulated and spring-mounted completely decoupled from the bass housing. In the high-frequency range, our SSX™ Sweet Spot Expansion Waveguide provides an unusually wide spatial stereo base.


  • Passive, closed 3-way system
  • SSX™ Sweet Spot Expansion Waveguide
  • Apollo details
    • BASS DRIVER: 320 mm Black Aluminium
    • MIDRANGE DRIVER: 10 cm ultra-low-distortion midrange in encapsulated, spring-mounted, solid aluminium tube
    • TWEETER: 30 mm fabric calotte
    • CROSSOVER FREQUENCIES: 400 / 2250Hz (12dB/octave)
    • IMPEDANCE: 4 Ohm
    • 200 W continous
    • 400 W music
    • SENSITIVITY: 88dB/1W
    • Height: 1050 mm
    • Width: 425 mm
    • Depth: 210 mm
    • WEIGHT: 170 kg / pair
    • FINISHES: Black, White, Anthracite*
    • * optional Bi-Wire terminal with room adjustment options for tweeters and midrange drivers