Press & Media

FIDELITY, 05/2015

“High-end meets PA? Shockingly good!” 05/2014

“Extreme tonal purity coupled to peak resolving powers and accurate soundstaging create a sonic spectacle of rare transparency and intelligibility.”

Hifi Einsnull 04/2013

“The ARDORA ACTIVE contributes even more to the sensational quality of the ARDORA PASSIVE …”

Here comes the Sun

“The Ardora delivers what it promises – an exceptionally harmonious, fine and sensual loudspeaker …”

AUDIOphile 02/2013

“There was never a first work participating in all segments of the loudspeaker elite.”

​LP Magazin 01/2013

“The ARDORA is state-of-the-art both technically and tonally for loudspeakers at the moment.”

Hifi Test Loudspeaker Yearbook 2013

“A level that you just have to hear to believe it …”


AUDIOGRADE CEO Wolfram Szentiks in a HiFi-Forum interview.

Die besten 5 High End-Lautsprecher (Band 3)

“According to Robert Glueckshoefer, the ARDORA is not only one of the best five high-end speakers …”

Stereoplay 11/2012

“Undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the fair …”

FIDELITY 09/2012

“AUDIOGRADE from Aachen arrived with a monolithic cast loudspeaker …”

Jazzmusiker Heribert Leuchter

“I listened to the music in a quality like that of a live recording in the studio 30 years ago.”

Forum Aktives-Hö

“What immediately captivated me was the complete replacement of the sound from the loudspeakers …”