West German Hifi Days 2013 in Bonn, Germany


    High-end dream combination for audiophile loudspeaker- and electronic connoisseurs at the West German Hifi Days 2013 show in Bonn, Germany: AUDIOGRADE ARDORA on a reference system from ESOTERIC


    AUDIOGRADE CEO Wolfram Szentiks presents the latest development of his high-end manufactory from Aachen: the ARDORA ACTIVE – an active 4-way speaker made of polymer concrete with DSP-controlled loudspeaker management system. Powered at the hotel fair in Bonn with exquisite luxury electronics from ESOTERIC and powerful cables from Audioquest.

  • Good Vibes at AUDIOGRADE

    AUDIOGRADE CEO Wolfram Szentiks and his team are delighted with the consistently positive response and lively interest in his active and passive high-end loudspeakers from a single source on both days of the West German Hifi Days 2013.

  • Active electronics with DSP

    AUDIOGRADE CEO Wolfram Szentiks explains his specially designed and hand-made active module for the high-end ARDORA loudspeaker – equipped with a powerful 1200 watt bridge amplifier electronics, including a DSP-based Loudspeaker management system for room measurement, area separation and adaptation to individual hearing preferences.

  • High-end room measurement

    Only by the boss: Wolfram Szentiks during the room measurement in Bonn to make the AUDIOGRADE salon on the West German Hifi Days 2013 with the integrated loudspeaker management system of the ARDORA ACTIVE all round perfect to sound.

  • Handmade centerpiece

    The high-end active speaker module from AUDIOGRADE, developed exclusively for the ARDORA ACTIVE:

    • 4 x 300 W Class-D bridge amplifiers
    • Uncompromising board layout with gold-plated 70 micron circuit boards and extremely short cable paths
    • Linear power supply with special audio transformer from Talema (900VA)
    • DSP-based speaker management system (HD2 from Four Audio)
    • In/Outputs Analog: XLR, RCA/RCA
    • In/Outputs Digital: AES/EBU, S/PDIF

High-end trade show report in pictures

High-end dream combination for audiophile connoisseurs at West German Hifi Days 2013 in Bonn, Germany: On both days of the high-end show, AUDIOGRADE founder Wolfram Szentiks and ESOTERIC Brand Manager Knut Isberner presented the incomparable reference sound

of the world’s first loudspeakers made from a single mold – combined with first-class

luxury electronics of the highest caliber.

Loudspeakers from AUDIOGRADE:


Electronics from ESOTERIC:

  • Preamplifier: C-02
  • Power amplifier: A-02

CD & SACD Players:

  • K-01
  • Master Clock G-02

Cable from Audioquest